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Chair Massage for Office / Event Rates and Services

Chair massage makes an excellent employee perk, and can add a touch of class to your event!

Medical studies have shown that even a ten-minute chair massage can:

  • Increase lymphocyte production, which boosts the body's immune responses and can lead to fewer sick days in an office, as well as helping curtail any "bugs" that are currently making their way through an office.
  • Increase dopamine and serotonin levels, leading to happier and more focused employees.
  • Improve blood flow, increasing oxygen-rich blood to the brain, which can increase worker productivity.
  • Reduce risk of carpal tunnel pain and injury.
  • Generally improve the mood and work environment in an office setting, according to subjective measures of contentment and happiness.

Plus, if the sign-up sheets are circulated on a Monday, there will be fewer employees taking a three-day weekend.

Adding a massage therapist to your event, be it a festival, movie set, party, or any other kind of function, can allow both the event attendees and staff an opportunity to recharge their batteries, benefitting from all the same points listed above. Additionally, event massage can include either chair massage or a clothed massage on the table--similar to what is increasingly seen at farmer's markets and the like.



Option 1:

Hourly, paid by employer.

Two-hour minimum. Sign-up sheet will be posted the day of the service.


Option 2:

Hourly, paid by employees.

Two-hour minimum. Sign-up sheet will be circulated ahead of time.

10-minute chair massages works out to five people per hour (allowing time for the chair to be cleaned and adjusted between clients).


Option 3:

Daily, paid by employer or employees.


Inquire for rates and availability.




Beginning rate is $100/hour, includes both chair and table set-up (table will be for clothed massages only). Rate can be negotiated, please email me with the details of your event, what you kind of massage services you would like offered, and your budget for the event.


Daily event rates are available. Please email with specifics about the event in your request for a price quote, including set-up preference (chair, table, or both), number of hours, approximate number of people, type of location, hours of the event, and any other pertinent information.

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