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About the Practitioner

I studied under Boris Prilutsky at the Institute of Professional Practical Therapy (now called the Southern California Health Institute, or SoCHI) in Los Angeles, earning my first certification in massage therapy in 2003. Since then, I have attained additional training and certifications in:

  • Physical Therapy Aide and Chiropractic Assistant techniques
  • Massage for carpal tunnel relief and prevention
  • TMJ disorder relief and prevention
  • Facial massage
  • Massage for the relief and prevention of tension headaches
  • Massage for relief and prevention of sciatic nerve disorders (Sciatica)

I have been trained in the massage techniques centered around improving your body's function, restoring lost movement capabilities, promoting healing, and generally getting you better. I focus in rehabilitative and therapeutic massage techniques that enable me to achieve maximum efficacy in as short a time as possible. Depending on the client's needs and wants, treatments may take less time or more based on a number of factors, but each massage is custom tailored to that client's body and wishes.

My training has led me to be the therapist that my massage therapist friends come to when they need a massage. And a fair number of my clients either came to me from other therapists who injured them, or went to other therapists, got injured, and came back to me. I have fixed or managed injuries from lesser quality therapists for nearly as long as I have been working in the field.

For me, massage is a powerful tool in the larger pool from which to form a cohesive, comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Massage will not replace certain things that only a medical professional can provide, but it can absolutely be used in conjunction with both medical and holistic aspects of a wellness plan. I work with clients who request it to help them form and keep in place plans and goals for themselves, but only when requested.


I do not believe that massage is a panacea capable of curing anything and everything, but I do believe it is an important part of a total approach to health and wellness, both physically and mentally.

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